Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

The last few weeks , I have been sick with a virus. Supposedly not the flu, but enough to drain me. Ellie has been banished to her home on Grand Central Avenue, at least until everyone there got sick, too.It took every last bit of energy I had to walk around our usual haunts. This time, I concentrated on getting shots of birds on wing.
Wouldn't you know it? My dog is not the least bit interested in the darned geese. And what more, they really didn't much care about her, either
It was difficult to get in close enough to test the camera. The geese did not like me, and when I moved, they squawked and moved away.
And even if I told her, "Ellie, go get the geese!" will all the excitement I could muster, she still seemed only mildly interested. Same with the geese. For them to take wing, I personally had to shoo them.
And that nearly always made it impossible to point and shoot, let alone change any settings. These were all taken on automatic. It's what I usually use, anyway, although there use to be a time when I had to adjust the old Argus for each and every shot.

Guess I just never noticed that Ellie was ignoring the birds. Canada geese are exceptionally squawky birds, and the ones that flew into the water began to float downstream, crabbing the entire time and alerting the others along the way.

So, shortly all the geese were in the river, and we began to walk towards the car.

Little Pond