Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovely paths along the strand...

How did this path get so nicely tamped down? We had our answer about halfway through the walk, when a cross-country skier begged pardon to play through.
A small copse of trees, lined with brush piles, makes a wonderful habitat for animals to make dens where they can sleep away the harsh winter.
Trudge, trudge, then look back and call the dog. She scampers over the footprints. The crafty pup is hanging back, waiting for me to make more tracks.

At this point the Chemung looks like a vast snowfield. Down river, beyond the Madison Avenue Bridge, the river is thawed and running fast. More on that later.

In this weather Ellie doesn't stray far. We are behind Pirozzolo Park, in the trails heading upriver. She doesn't like the closeness of the woods in the cold.

But the wind is very cold. That is, after all, why we are alone on the strand of river bank. HuggaMutt is ready to look for the car, usually parked either at the Town Offices, or at the bottom of a cul de sac.
We went home and warmed by the gas fireplace. Wee doggie set Herself in the bay window to guard the neighborhood.
We'll return when the air is a little less crisp.