Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the knotweed

Sung to the tune of "In the Navy!"

In the knotweed!

That's where Ellie found a skunk.

In the knotweed!

That's why she can't share our bunk.

In the knotweed....

Oh, forget it. It isn't funny, really. She disappeared under the leaves and then there were signs of an epic struggle.

I couldn't move fast enough to draw her back. I then dragged her to the river and doused her good. She dug her nose into the mud along the way.

After one more dousing, I took her to the nearest boat ramp. Washed her again and again until the stuff was out of her eyes.

Then home to Google the latest deskunking rituals. We used Dawn Original Scent.

The author of the blog is a coworker at the paper.

Then a call to MammaDog at the SPCA. They will know what to do. Also, MammaDog will be collecting our stinky friend on Friday for their shared custody stint.

Beware the knotweed that grows high enough to hide small animals...

Little Pond