Sunday, March 30, 2008

Light Sabers

I walked along the levee for a little bit in the Sunday morning sunshine. It was just enough to scare away two Canada Geese who were also enjoying the early morning light. With much loud complaining, they finally lifted up and floated down to Foster Pond, and surprised me when they landed atop a thin skin of ice.

I watched them a short while, because they were still crabbing at me. They carefully picked their way over the ice, occasionally reaching down to drink the water. During their stepping, I could hear what sounded like light sabers from Star Wars. It was the ice cracking, or maybe just creaking. I tried to capture in with the Power Shot video. If you listen, you will hear the grunting of the geese, a few robin calls, and a sort of winginwinginwingin sound. The ice never broke while I was there.