Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Warning: nasty shot below

Our visit to the Chemung on Tuesday took us behind the power substation across from McWane International, Water Street. We were greeted by eagles, one of whom graciously circled above until I got a decent shot.We visited with other dog owners and wandered the waterfront, but it was really blustery and cold. Eventually we hauled over to Newtown Creek and checked for conditions there.
Two other hikers warned us that the water was very high, and it was, indeed.
The cold, icy waters rushed by, making a lot of noise, none of it inviting. Ellie decided to give it a miss. Back toward the substation, I was astounded to run across the fully stripped carcass of a deer, perhaps a highway crash victim. The photo is somewhat disturbing, but the most interesting part of the experience for me was my dog's complete lack of interest.Apparently it doesn't really smell like anything that would catch her attention. Deer tracks, yes. Complete deer skeleton, no.


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