Saturday, May 3, 2008

All things green and blue.

That's what was showcased by the overcast sky on Saturday. We went to Foster Island. Already the Chemung is low enough that the island isn't isolated any more.There are absolute carpets of these blue flowers.
I'm going to call them violets, but I doubt they actually are true violets.

No question they are in the viola family. I think we used to call them Johnny Jumpups when I was little.

These ferns attracted the HuggaMutt, and she pushed her way through them a few times, before they got my attention. I love the way they begin as fiddleheads.

And they are so very, very bright green this time of year!

They look good enough to eat.
These flowers seemed new to me, so I just called then Blue Bells.

Google Images brought up similar pictures, so unless someone can document a more correct name, Blue Bells it is.

Perhaps a nicer day will bring out some other colors, but almost anything with green works for me.

Little Pond