Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer's Last Hurrah

This is a little hard to explain. The HuggaMutt is still in her summery glory. She still wants to visit the strand along the Chemung River bank,but she won't swim. The bright sunlight and greenery belie just how cool it is now. And the river waters
are not refreshing. They are very low and weed-choked. More like a pond than a river.
We humans see the tell-tale signs of fall. Bittersweet berries peek out from the green trees.
Even the deep greens are tinged with gold in the bright sun of morning, and the painfully blue sky is another indicator of the changing season. It's a cold blue.
The sun hangs a lot lower in the sky now, too. This picture was taken at 9:30AM not PM. The glare off the water plays tricks with the camera, even though I've programmed it for back light and bright days.

It's a little eerie that the camera knows something's up...

That something is Fall.

Little Pond