Monday, October 20, 2008

Short Autumn

Here in Upstate New York, leaf peeping season is often cut short by very cool, dry days. We had a rather dry summer, and that compounds the problem.Most mornings in October can begin with fog near the Chemung River.
It makes for poor photography, but deadens sound, so we can get nice and close to our subjects.
When it burns off, we are left with clear, clean skies. This week we had a cold rain, and that washed away a lot of our pretty leaves. But the view is sparkling.
If you've been to our main site, you've already seen this photo and caption. Double click the picture for detail.
We were very cold, unpleasantly so with the wind, but we still walked down to the spillway. The leaves make their leisurely trip downstream.Upstream, towards Corning, New York, the colors are really striking. I'm told it's worth a drive through the country. We went to the Red Lobster in Big Flats and took the long drive over the hills. Still plenty of green, so maybe we haven't yet peaked.

Little Pond