Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Flora in Mid January 2008

Remember: You can click on any photo for a much more detailed view. Especially you botanists; I'd like to know what some of the unidentified plants are.Ellie and I do not let the cold stop us. The wind chill is -3 F (approx. -20C). Of course a little dog is low to the ground, avoiding the worst of the gusts, especially down by the levees. We also cover her in clothes, enough to make her overheat in the house and car.
This view was mostly swamp last week. Right now Ellie and I can walk right down the middle of the flooded area.
Make no mistake, though; the Chemung River is not silent. The floes are forming dams, but the water still runs freely.
All the leaves are gone, now. Mid January is the time to watch for seed pods and fruit.
Never learned what these are called. I love them any time of the year!
Now these I hate. Cockleburs, I think. Right now, even as I compose, my flannel lined pants, and all Ellie's polar fleece, are in the wash, trying to divest themselves of these little buggers.
This is another year-round pleasure. They will hang on the trees right through the various seasons, waiting for a really strong storm to carry them.

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