Monday, May 19, 2008

Can you stand it?

One more baby picture? I'm sounding like a proud auntie or grammy or something.
These two seem to be guarding the nursery.
While this flock of extremely large geese are able to swim and dabble and simply ignore my dog and me.
Let's call this a thornapple for now. (Let's not; it is actually a wild pear or plum!) Looks like an apple tree, but has nasty thorns.

Overall, I am amazed at how quickly the Spring set in. Everything is very lush and green, not untypical for the Finger Lakes area this time of year. A fairly dry, warm April gave way to a cool, rainy May. Just the opposite of the usual.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

Cute kids! As for thorns -- I discovered to my amazement that apricot trees support really nasty thorns. Not prolific, like the pyrocantha, but enough to take you by surprise. Often.

pb said...

Finally, I have positive ident on the leaves. It's an alder.